CIRKEL Energy is one of Denmark's leading companies in the sale and service of Danish-designed smaller wind turbines and photo voltaic plants.

We provide well-thought-out, streamlined, efficient and durable solutions from leading manufacturers. Read more about our products here

The company was started by engineer Niels Martin Jørgensen in 2009 and CIRKEL Energy is a company that has managed to adapt in a market with changing political winds.

We are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities for those seeking green energy from wind and sun or those who want greater financial freedom.

Our dedicated employees work every day to create better solutions that benefit our customers. We have a strong focus on providing the best service and advice when our customers need it.

We work seriously, professionally and honestly throughout the project from the first customer meeting until the wind turbine or solar plant is delivered, installed, commissioned and handed over to the customer.

CIRKEL Energy has a strong position in the Danish market and is now located in Germany, in addition to Denmark. We also intend to move into new markets in the future.