The R9000 is fully type-approved by the Danish authorities, and is one of the most dependable, reliable, efficient and uncomplicated Small Wind Turbines on the market.

The turbine is developed by the British technology pioneers, Evance Wind, who combine the knowledge from the wind turbine industry with the quality from the automotive industry. That is why the R9000 is such good product.

The R9000 is a efficient, safe and elegant turbine, that harvest the energy from the wind best possible, under all weather conditions, and the quality is unmatched. The R9000 is developed to be a cost turbine that can be placed near the Atlantic ocean - one of the most aggressive environments in Europe.

The towers are either 18 or 22 m high, and are developed and manufatured by the Danish company Carl C. A/S, who suplies tower and met masts to customers all over the world.

The R9000 is very robust in terms of its patended rotor- and generator system. Even in extreme high windspeeds, the R9000 will not need to stop, to be protected form overload. This maximises the energy production and minimises the techical problems.

The maximum power of the R9000 is 5 kW, but thanks to the optimal desing, this turbine can generate just as much energy per year as vore 6 kW competitors on the market.

The towers are good Danish craftmanship, and among the strongest on the market. It is free standing monopole, wihtout wires etc.


The R9000 consists of blades, generator, tower, foundation and power-converters.

The Blades are mounted on the generators rotor, and are fully self-regulation.

The Generator is mounted on the top of the tower, and yaws automatically up in the wind with help from the tale vane.

The Towers bottom contains a henge, that is cast into the concrete foundation.

The Tower is raised and lowered on a couple of minutes, with the help from detachable hydraulic rams.

The Power from the generator is lead through a tower cable onto a ground cable into the power converters.

The Power converters are placed in the nearest house or sheed, from where it the produced power is lead into the electrical installation of the house.





Accredited noise measurement by Carl Bro Grontmij.


GEARBOX None, the generator is connected directly to the rotor, which means as few wearable parts as possible.
EMERGENCY BRAKE Automatic Electro Brak - no wearable parts in the brake system.
MAXIMUM POWER 5 kW @ 12 m/s and up to 60 m/s
ENERGY PRODUCTION 9,167 kWh/year @ 5.0 m/s meanwind
13,400 kWh/year @ 6.0 m/s meanwind
17,420 kWh/year @ 7.0 m/s meanwind
REGULATION Fully automatic regulation of speed and direction
TOWER Free standing Danish monopole with hub hight of 18 or 22 meter
ROTOR Tre blades, rotor diameter of 5.4 meter
CONTROL None, the system do not need to be controlled by the owner.
TYPE APPROVAL Danish type approval and UK MCS approval