CIRKEL Energy presents a new opportunity to the green and environmentally conscious consumer and company

“Green energy from sun and wind”. This is how briefly the offer from CIRKEL Energy to their customers can be presented. Now the offer is extended to include energy storage solutions. More specifically, CIRKEL Energy has been selected as a partner for VisBlue and therefore now also offers energy storage products from this Danish manufacturer of battery solutions.

“Battery solutions are an obvious choice both for consumers who have set up a smaller wind turbine without or with a small subsidy and for those companies, housing associations and public institutions who want to use the energy production that they currently send back to the electricity grid. “VisBlue’s solutions are efficient and reliable solutions for energy storage, and we welcome the new collaboration ”, says Niels Martin Jørgensen, CIRKEL Energy.

“CIRKEL Energy is the perfect partner for us. CIRKEL Energy is one of the oldest and most experienced companies in the market for solar cells and smaller wind turbines, and we see a clear synergy between their existing product range and customers and our offerings to the market, ”explains Søren Bødker, VisBlue and continues:“ We look forward to good cooperation and look forward to helping both businesses and consumers become even more climate friendly and independent of any increases in government charges and prices for electricity ”, concludes Søren Bødker.

CIRKEL Energy’s offer for companies and private households covers a wide range of both smaller wind turbines up to 25 kW for private use and solar cells of all sizes for both environmentally conscious, private customers and companies and institutions that want to make a green impact and save money on their energy. The battery solutions are available with a capacity of 25 kWh to 500 kWh and can be adapted to the individual’s needs. The solution is a vanadium-based redox flow solution. The technology offers a safer and more environmentally friendly battery solution that allows you to store more of the energy produced by the solar cells or the wind turbine. VisBlue’s redox flow battery solution can scale power and capacity independently and is fully scalable and can therefore be adapted to both the private consumer and the larger company, housing association or institution.

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