Produce the electricity your company needs

On February 1, 2019, new, simpler rules were introduced for Danish companies that want to make use of the opportunity to cover part of the company's electricity consumption with solar cells. The new rules make it faster and more efficient to establish a solar plant on, for example, the roof of the company. For many companies, solar cells are an obvious investment, and especially for the company where the primary  electricity consumption is on comfort electricity, ie. office, lighting, ventilation, data servers, etc.

Increase both competitiveness and sales

Investing in a photo voltaic plant is not just a profitable investment, it also helps to give your company a green profile, which more and more customers appreciate or even demand. It can give you positive publicity as well as increase the company's competitiveness and sales.



Price example of solar plant:

If you buy a 30 kWp photo voltaic plant, which produces approx. 27,700 kWh per year and if you use the electricity yourself instead of buying it for aprox 2,00 DKK, the plant will have an expected payback time of approx. 5 years. That means, that you will get "free" electricity for the remaining 15-20 years of the solar plant life.


  • Good investment with the possibility of depreciation
  • Short payback time = high return on investment
  • The power is used locally when purchasing a properly sized system
  • Gives your company a green profile

We supply both wind turbines and solar plants that can match your company's consumption. So contact us for more information here.