Save money – produce electricity with your own small wind turbine

In Northern Europe the wind is blowing more than 320 days a year, so it is obvious to harvest the energy from the wind.  A family of four has an average consumption of  4-6.000 kWh electrical energy per year. If heating is included, the energy consumption rises to an average of app. 20.000 kWh per Year.

Our Gaia-Wind 133 10 kW small wind turbine produces between 20.000 og 45.000 kWh per year, dependant on the location. You can follow your tubines production, and when you have covered your own consumption, you can sell the remaining energy to the electricity company, and enable other people to use your green energy.

Your advantages are:

  • You save money when buying less energy
  • You save money when selling the remaining production to the grid
  • Your investment lasts long
  • You contribute to a better and greener invironment
  • You spare the invironment from Carbon emission
  • You supply green energy to other households near by

Can you have your own small wind turbine?

What decides, if you can get your own small wind turbine, is the location of your house, and how far the neighbour lives, and how the surrounding landscabe is formed. Read more about this here