Tired of rising energy prices - become self-sufficient with solar panels

Want to make great savings on your energy bill while protecting the environment, the solar panels is an ideal opportunity for you. Solar plants make energy from light - the stronger the light, the more energy you produce. But you also produce energy when it's cloudy. You produce electricity without polluting.

Solar panels can be placed in many places - it can be on the roof or facade. It is also possible to place them on the ground. Most often solar panels are placed facing the south, since these have the greatest opportunity to absorb the energy from sunlight.

CIRKEL Energy's solar panels are connected to the grid. The solar panels that we provide sends the energy you do not use into the public electricity grid. This means that the electricity can be used by others who are connected to the electricity grid, and you hereby also take responsibility for other consumers CO2 emissions.

Your advantages are:

  • You save money on your electricity consumption
  • You make money by selling your excess electricity to the grid
  • Your investment has a long life
  • There is no noise
  • You contribute to a greener country
  • You save the environment CO2
  • You supply green electricity to other households

A solar plant adapted to your needs

We can supply photo voltaic systems that are fully tailored to your needs and in sizes from 1 to 400 kWp. Contact us for more information.

Solar cells with high quality and a long service life

CIRKEL Energy does not use cheap solar cells from unknown factories in China - we sell exclusively recognized quality products from manufacturers who can vouch for the guarantee. We will notify the manufacturer's name.

All our PV systems built up of super efficient solar panels from manufacturers such as Trina, LG, REC, Hyundai or JA Solar. We only sell high quality panels with long life.

Dimensioning, choice of mounting solution and delivery is carried out in collaboration with leading Danish and German specialist firms such as CO2Pro and BayWa RE.

Our photo voltaic system are suitable for all kinds of roof covering and to all types of buildings. Both residential, garages, carports and even playhouses or company buildings and warehouses.
We can also offer solutions for mounting directly on the ground if you do not want to use your roof for the purpose. Contact us for more information on systems for the installation of PV systems on ground.